Old Violin

I let my violin slip into obscurity over the years. Work, kids, family and other priorities took the place of my first love.

But then one day, I had this little voice whisper to me, Get it out again. Say hi.

Just have some fun with it. Who cares, and it might be really great. It was like the voice was daring me, taunting me to have the courage to explore.

So I got it out, dusted it off, found an old wrinkled piece of music a teacher had given me long ago. I started playing and immediately a joyous feeling came over me.

However, I knew that my sound was not as musical as I wanted it to be.

I didn’t want anyone to hear me. It was like a secret affair!

Soon after that I rediscovered how to play again.

The way I rediscovered the violin came as a complete surprise. I started over, using the Suzuki method of training. I had no idea how transformative that would be. The magic came back. And what’s more, now I was doing it for the sheer pleasure of it, instead of to prove something or impress someone.

I re-learned how to play the violin a different way. Now I play without tension. Now I can memorize pieces and play them with more heart. Now I can do some advanced technical wizardry that I never previously thought possible.

Paying it forward

I have since dedicated myself to discovering how to pass on this experience. I have compiled everything I know about re-starting violin and I use it in my teaching of adults. The results are phenomenal. I see players improve dramatically within a matter of weeks, going from squeaky out-of-tune playing with a stiff bow arm and hand to a more relaxed, fluid way of playing and beautifully in tune.

These players like their sound a whole lot better, and friends and loved ones comment on the improvement. One student had tears in her eyes telling me how much it had transformed her experience.

Rediscover confidence

When I restarted violin, I felt a surge of confidence as I connected with people,  became a better performer, and learned how to play like I always wanted. What would it feel like for you to do the same thing?

With the right teacher and a little bit of dedicated practice, you can learn to play expressively and beautifully, and in the process learn to listen more (which makes us into better people).  Why not give that process a try?

Is it time for you to try the violin?

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