Suzuki's Humanitarian Vision

What if we all tuned in to each other?

Suzuki is a powerful philosophy, one that can truly change our world.

Inspired by the similar visions of Suzuki and Unitarian Universalism, I explore eight ways they parallel each other, and then ask some challenging questions about how we might go about changing the world through music.

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The highest gift in life

Music has always been a communal activity.

It allowed the earliest humans to become social. Music, then and now, places us into a larger whole. It situates us in a shared space, one that we actually crave: the space of connection and bonding to other humans.

When we speak the language of music, we truly harmonize and flourish as a people. Sharing our love of music together is motivating and fun, and we help each other get over the fear and nervousness of playing in front of people. 

But more than that, we connect as human beings, and we discover an aspect of ourselves that wants to belong with others, to nest into an ecosystem, and to see the good in giving for others’ sake.

Isn't this one of the highest gifts in life?