The Many Benefits Of Group Class

Why is it important to play in a group?

Playing in a group provides many benefits:

  • Energy - the spark of others’ presence

  • Anti-apathy - a healthy sense of not being lazy around one’s peers

  • Motivation - seeing the results of hours of solo practice

  • Belonging - feeling a part of something larger than “me”

  • Fun - group dialogue, humor, games, interaction

  • Musicality - listening to others and awareness of blending

  • Reassurance - knowing that others have similar challenges with playing, memorizing, or technique

  • Repertoire - more exposure to diversity of music, more chances to review known pieces

Group class provides many things that compliment individual lessons. They work together to establish a well-rounded player.

And, it is seriously a lot of fun. Don't miss the next opportunity for group training!

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