When I first started violin, I couldn't even hold it.

It wasn't until I started private lessons that I really began to improve. I found a local Suzuki violin teacher, and she helped me in ways that complimented the class instruction.

She told me I had a good ear. 

I didn't know what that meant or how she even knew that about me. But it encouraged me and made an impact on my self-image.

 With private lessons come many other benefits:

  • Playing for someone you know and trust
  • Instructions customized to fit you
  • Stay on target with accountability
  • Encouragement and affirmation when it gets tough
  • Individual guidance in the places you need it most

Children respond especially well to individual instruction. They crave one-on-one attention from adults who are willing to spend time and focus on them. In string playing, this is especially true, since the skills require patient and steady guidance to develop.

I'm grateful to my first Suzuki teacher for guiding me through that first year. At the end of the year I got "most improved" award from my string class instructor, and the rest is history!