Reached a practicing plateau with your child? 

Parents say that individual coaching is the best way to address the problem, since you get one-on-one time to unpack your issues and process them with an expert.

The techniques they have learned from practice-parent coaching are effective and work for other areas of parenting.

As a result of this session you'll come away with

  • A clearer understanding of why your child is resisting or avoiding practicing

  • A list of THREE CLEAR ACTION ITEMS you can start following right away in a personalized plan that fits YOUR child

  • Renewed energy and hope for the task of parenting your child successfully through their musical journey

I can only do ten of these sessions.  

**This is a $97 value.**

I would love for you to have one free.

And as a thank you, when you sign up, I'll send you my Practice Goal Chart with my compliments. You can copy it and customize it for your own use. Parents routinely tell me that using this chart is a very effective way to help more practicing happen at home. 

Don't miss out on this chance. Just drop me a quick note below and I'll contact you to schedule your free session.

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P.P.S. As a special thank you for signing up, I'll send you my Practice Goal Chart template. Use it to easily keep track of what your child needs to practice each day.