We had such a busy week... 

If you have ever felt this way (I have as a parent of four boys), here is something to take to heart:

Listening Counts!

It's like learning by magic. During the busy weeks, listening is the best thing you can do. And it's so easy!

 Why does listening count?

  • It trains your ear to know the melody and rhythms
  • It trains your subconscious mind while you consciously pay attention to something else.
  • It speeds up practicing time
  • It turbocharges your playing ability

Take it from Yo Yo Ma, who listens to a new piece he wants to learn about 100 times before ever playing the first note.


Listen to the Suzuki CD or play from your iTunes the piece you want to learn.

   •    Play it while reading

   •    Play it in the car (put commuting time to good use!)

   •    Play it during homework time. (Great for enhancing memory and learning!)

   •    Play it while preparing dinner

   •    Play it as a "timer" for an activity. Suzuki Book One is about 15-20 minutes long, perfect for doing dishes or tidying up a bedroom.

   •    Play it with music on the stand or in your lap and follow along

Remember, Listening Counts!

Keep it easy and simple. Life is more than complicated enough as it is. With listening, we get automatic practice time in, without adding stress to our schedule.