Music should be something to look forward to.

But finding the right music teacher can be difficult: 

        "The teacher had a very strict, demanding attitude and my child didn't respond well.” 

        "We didn't really connect with the teacher."

        "We didn't know what to do when we got stuck trying to practice at home.”

        "We got burned out."

        "Music became a chore, when we wanted it to be something fun and enjoyable.”

A string instrument is a very complex instrument to learn, but anyone can learn it, given the right support and the right environment. At Edward's Violin Studio, you'll find an approach that allows you to:

  • find just the right pace for you

  • quickly achieve a better technique

  • develop effective practice habits

  • play with a beautiful sound

For small children I use a variety of games, songs, rhymes, and body motions along with active parent participation to help you understand each step and be able to reproduce it at home. The result is that children like to practice, and remain interested in the instrument for the long term.

When you associate positive feelings with playing music, you want to continue naturally!

If you would like to hear more about whether private lessons are right for you or your child, send us a brief note below. 

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