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Teacher Mastermind


Join a community for creative and enterprising teachers like you.

Think outside the box, share best practices, vent the frustrations…and make a plan to move forward with your teaching and your career.

Led by Edward Obermueller, violinist, teacher, and entrepreneur.

Join by video conference:

  • Friday November 16, 12pm or 4pm EST

  • Saturday Nov 17, 4pm EST

  • Sunday November 18, 4pm EST

Each session will host a small group of 6-12 teachers. See specific topic presentation below.

After you register we will e-mail you a link to join a video call a few days prior to your time.

Early registration price through November 12, 2018.

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Ever feel like you are on an island?

It can be isolating to teach. We get into our own silos, put our heads down, and work hard. After awhile you look up and wonder if anyone else is paying attention.

Especially if you are trying to think outside the box, grow a program, or push against institutional status quo, you start to feel like an outsider.

Here is a chance to come alongside others who share your situation, and be supported as we share perspective.

I believe that like minded innovative teachers who share best practices will not only learn from each other, but have our spirits re-inspired toward being our best.

Each session will cover a creative teaching topic and a business growth topic

Topics for November Mastermind

  1. In Praise of the Practice Sheet. Maximize your lesson and ensure retention at home by using a practice sheet more effectively. We will look at three different formats and Edward will share how he uses them in private lessons and classrooms. How to talk to students and parents about using the practice sheet, and what this means for increasing the quality of your studio.

  2. Getting Others to Value Your Teaching. Teaching is one of the most undervalued professions in our society. How to talk to parents, administrators, bosses, and most of all, yourself, about the value of your teaching skills. Pricing your private services correctly. Assessing the time you spend on your job and gaining more control over what you get paid.

Topics for upcoming sessions:

  • Growing your income without selling your soul

  • The art of the policy - save labor and keep yourself sane

  • Dealing with institutions and politics

  • Getting more out of every class, rehearsal, and lesson

  • Marketing and selling even if you hate it

  • Helpful books and resources on teaching, parenting, creativity, and other topics

Private Mastermind

As a participant you also receive a special offer for a one-on-one consultation with Edward, so you can address your own unique situation, and get help with specific next steps to grow your teaching practice.