It's hard to be a Suzuki teacher these days.

There is more fierce competition than ever for students' attention.  Parents aren't educated about music, string instruments, or the great benefits of the Suzuki method. Politically there is little support for the arts. Schools and institutions have their own agendas, which often do not mesh with the training philosophy of Suzuki.

If that weren't enough, teaching itself is a complex and intensive activity. You throw yourself into it and get to the end of the day with nothing left. How are you supposed to take stock of your teaching, and more importantly, the direction of your career, when there are so many demands on your time?

And then there's money. If you aren't making enough, you end up taking a second job, or compromising your standards to teach at a school that doesn't fully embrace the Suzuki method, or doing something else entirely, all the while knowing it isn't right and wishing there were a different way.

Just continuing on the path of putting your head down and working more and more, will not get you there. And if you think about it, overworking is out of alignment with the philosophy you are teaching. As Suzuki teachers we are all about balance

Many Suzuki teachers are also parents, balancing a full studio with raising their own children. Work/life balance is paramount. What good is it to teach everyone else's kids and never see your own?

You can have a thriving studio without selling your soul.

You can make money and gain the support you need to do what you love and contribute what you know. You can do it without sacrificing your family or giving up the heart of the Suzuki method.

And you don't have to do it alone. 

Getting help from an experienced coach will make it easier for you to avoid the pitfalls and painful trial-and-error of setting up your own business/life plan, and get over the fear that you aren't doing things correctly.

Don't stay stuck. Get renewed in doing what you love AND in getting the support you need to prosper at it.

Teacher Coaching & Support

8 sessions

  • Personalized coaching from an experienced entrepreneur, who is also a parent and Suzuki teacher.
  • Tailored to your unique situation, with tools and resources you can use right away.
  • Make more money in ways that are less labor intensive, freeing up time for your family and building your own career.  

Tailored curriculum

  • Intake - your life, goals, dreams, your situation "on the ground"
  • Strategy - what steps you can take NOW to begin moving in the direction you need to go
  • Time - what to STOP doing to make space for your goals
  • Creativity - how to access and use your unique skills for building your studio
  • Network - who can help you in your journey
  • Tools - Powerful leverage so you can get there quicker

PLUS -- We'll work together to develop a piece of marketing copy that compels your audience to respond WITH MORE SUPPORT.

Get moving in the direction YOU want to go. Become a CREATOR of your own work, teaching, parenting, and life.

Teacher Coaching

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