Teacher Mastermind

Join a select group of like-minded teachers for an online forum

A video conference for teachers hosted by Suzuki teacher and consultant Edward Obermueller.

When we share ideas we all grow together

When we share ideas we all grow together

Don’t go it alone

Too often we are in a silo, in our own department, trying our best to teach what we know. What if there was a way to collaborate, draw energy and ideas, and move forward with other teachers?

Ask better questions

Often the first step in moving forward is asking a better question. About your students, about yourself. Here are two kinds of questions we will ask of each other in the Mastermind forum:

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The creative side

How can we open the door to our full potential as teachers, and by doing so raise up our students to their full potential?

How can we better meet the students where they are?

What specific methods help students engage and renew interest in a subject?

What truly attracts students?

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The business side

How do we align our personal and financial goals with our teaching goals?

How can we offer our services outside of the usual institutions?

What do we need to say up front to parents, administrators, coworkers, and students to make life easier?

How can we start and grow our own teaching service?

The Mastermind will draw deeply from the empowering holistic teaching philosophy of the Suzuki Violin School. We will apply the techniques and methods of Suzuki to the wider teaching community as well as to our own character and skill development as teachers.

Topics for upcoming sessions will include:

  • Growing your practice without selling your soul

  • The art of the policy - save labor and keep yourself sane

  • Dealing with institutions and politics

  • Getting more out of every class, rehearsal, and lesson

  • Marketing and selling effectively even if you hate it

  • Helpful books and resources on teaching, parenting, creativity, and other topics

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Sessions are hosted and facilitated by Edward Obermueller of Edward’s Violin Studio, Morristown, New Jersey.

With over 20 years of teaching experience, entrepreneurial work, and business consulting, Edward combines an artistic passion with business acumen to help teachers reach the next level of success and meaningful contribution.

“I want to help teachers develop their practice. That means helping them teach more creatively AND thinking outside the box with what is possible for them personally and professionally. I want to see teachers succeed and prosper!”