It's harder than ever to be a music teacher 

There is more fierce competition than ever for students' attention.  Parents aren't educated about music or the Suzuki method. They don't come in understanding the level of commitment it takes.

There is little support financially for what we do. Schools and institutions have less and less funding, and often have their own problems and layers of bureaucracy which do not support the individual teacher.

If that weren't enough, teaching itself is a complex and intensive activity. You throw yourself into it and get to the end of the day with your energy spent. How are you supposed to take stock of your teaching, and more importantly, the direction of your career, when there are so many demands on your time?

You want balance, you want a growing studio. And your heart tells you that compromising your teaching standards isn't right.

You can have a growing studio without selling your soul.

You can make money and gain the support you need to do what you love. You can do it without sacrificing your family or giving up your standards.

I'm not a capitalist. I don't believe that making billions of dollars is the end goal of life. I do however know for a fact that without a robust business strategy, you cannot contribute to your fullest potential.

You don't have to do it alone. 

You need a partner. A sounding board and a guide. An experienced coach can help you avoid the pitfalls and painful trial-and-error, and stop worrying that you aren't doing things correctly. Someone to help you get unstuck.

Teacher Coaching & Support

1-2x a month

  • Get personalized coaching from an experienced entrepreneur who is also a parent and Suzuki teacher
  • Go at your own pace
  • Lay out your plans and goals, with feedback on your most important objectives
  • Process difficult obstacles, family situations, or personal fears getting in the way
  • Practical assignments that will help you tighten up and polish your business
  • Learn how to grow your business without giving up on the things you love to do

Tailored to you

  • Intake - your goals and your situation, past and current obstacles 
  • Strategy - what steps you can take NOW to begin moving in the direction you need to go
  • Time - how to prioritize, and what to STOP doing to make space for your goals
  • Creativity - how to access and use your unique skills for building your studio or orchestra
  • Network - how to get over the fear of reaching out, and who can help you in your journey
  • Tools - Powerful leverage so you can put your energy where it counts - teaching!

PLUS - Starting in 2018, access to Members Only content. Get monthly articles and tips:

  • How to get new students
  • Better group classes
  • Working with parents
  • Crafting your policy
  • Creative teaching tools

How would it feel to succeed?

To really get moving in the direction YOU want to go, to become a CREATOR of your own work, teaching, parenting, and life?


Monthly teacher coaching and support

Ready to work together, to compel more response to your AMAZING teaching ability, so that you can reach more people and contribute to their lives? 

$49 per session, 3-month trial

Each 30-minute session is designed to fit into your teaching day and help you move forward immediately.

Need more than once a month? Extra sessions available as needed, all at $49 during the trial period.

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