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The Visual Suzuki Teacher

Gain better connection to your students

Despite expertise in the field of teaching and music (and sometimes because of it), it can be a difficult task to connect to students, and to truly meet them where they are as learners.

No more getting stalled, losing interest, and fighting for students' attention.

Learn to combine the four types of visual teaching for increased motivation, retention, home practice, and skill development. Focus will be on beginners, but will also apply to intermediate students, adults, orchestra and group classes.

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The visual learning modality

Research has found that students number one learning modality is visual, and that the right hemisphere is needed for creative expression, harmonizing with others, and seeing the whole rather than the parts. Visual learning helps students retain information and engage with it more deeply, as well as improving their intuitive expression for musicality and artistic development.

In this online class I will overview of the visual learning modality, followed by instruction in the four aspects of teaching visually: reading, showing, imagining, and mapping, with examples and exercises in each for practical application in the music studio. This is followed by a step by step process for how to introduce beginners and young children by combining the four aspects, including video demonstration and Q&A. Then we will move to application for intermediate and advanced students again with video demonstration and Q&A. Downloadable handouts will be available include a selection of games, charts, cards, and other visual tools tested in lessons for use in teaching.

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ENTIRE CONTENT OF WEBINAR INCLUDING ALL MATERIALS WILL AVAILABLE FOLLOWING THE LIVE EVENT. For those who cannot make it for the live cast, you can access at a time that is convenient to you.